10 Household Items To Buy from Charity Shops To Save you Money

Running a home can be an expensive business especially when things break or you decide that you want a fresh new look. This is where charity shops can be your best friend. Not only do they raise money for their charity and help to save you money with your purchases. Charity shops are also a great way to keep unwanted items out of landfill and give a preloved item a new purpose in your home.

So without further ado here are my top ten ideas of household items to buy from charity shops to save you money.

1. Kitchen ware

You can buy some more really unique crockery from charity shops. Things don’t always need to match, sometimes a quirky mismatched set of crockery screams originality and looks more homely than a pristine set of matching items. Just make sure the item is in good condition with no cracks as these can harbour germs.

Look for things like:

casserole dishes

serving dishes

Plates and dishes

mugs and cups

salt and pepper pots

Pans and roasting tins.

2. Glass containers and food storage items

If you have one foot on the frugal footpath then chances are you are looking into meal planning and batch cooking. You’ll need fridge/freezer safe containers for storing your meals safely. These can sometimes be costly. Keep an eye out in charity shops for unwanted food storage items. Again check each item for stains and cracks. You can save a fortune on food storage items by shopping for them this way.

Look for things like:


Mason Jars

Freezer proof glass continers

BPA Free plastic containers

3. Duvet covers, sets and sheets

All of my duvet sets are from charity shops. I’ve saved an absolute fortune. You can find all kinds of styles, colours and sizes that people no longer use. Ask yourself is it in good condition, is it your kind of style and will it suit your bedroom? If the answer’s yes then you’ve probably found yourself a bargain and still have change from a fiver.

Look for things like:

Kingsize/Double/single duvet covers

Pillow cases


Mattess Covers

Bed throws

4. Thermal curtains/Summer Curtains

You can pay hundreds of pounds for new thermal curtains depending on the size etc. Have a hunt around your local charity shops and see what curtains they have in stock . You could transform a room or make it warmer for a fraction of the price of a new pair of curtains.

Look for things like:

Lined curtains

Lightweight curtains



Cafe set Curtains

5. Used Furniture

Charity shops are a great place to look for used furniture. You can often find really cool quirky things that you won’t find in today’s furniture shops. If you are a lover of mid-century modern these are the shops to be trawling through. If you like to mix your modern furniture with mid-century modern pieces you can often find a statement piece that brings individuality to your home.

Look for things like:

Book cases

Tables and chairs


Coffee Tables

Bedside Cabinets

Dressing tables


6. Wall hangings and Pictures

Looking to create a gallery wall in your home or find a picture to hang in a space on the living room wall? Then check out your local charity shops and see if they have something suited to your taste and style. The trick is to rummage and always be on the look out for that piece that has your name on it.

Look for things like:

Canvas Prints

Framed pictures

Framed paintings

Picture Frames

7. Garden items

Very often you’ll come across items for the garden. It’s a great idea for buying cheap pots, tools, ornaments, garden furniture, chairs. Recently I was lucky enough to find a portable greenhouse with 4 shelves and a plastic cover for £5. I’m now currently looking for a waterproof cover for my table.

Look for things like:


Small garden tools

Sun loungers

Tables & chairs

Hanging baskets

Garden ornaments

8. Electrical Items

These will have to have been PAT tested before the shop can sell them to make sure they are safe. However before buying always ask if you can see if the item works before buying. I’ve bought numerous lamps, a portable CD player and some heated rollers. All in perfect working order.

Look for thing like:



Hand mixers

Infrared mssagers

heated rollers

Foot spas

9. Christmas Decorations & Other Seasonal Items

You can save so much money getting your Christmas decorations from charity shops. It also reduces waste as you are giving them a new lease of life to be used on your tree. All of last year’s decorations in our house were from various Charity shops. We fully decorated a 7Ft tree and the whole of the living room for under £20 in total.

Look for things like:

Christmas Trees

Tree decorations



Elf on a shelf

Stocking hangers


10. Absolutely Anything Else That Grabs Your Attention.

You are bound to find something else that I haven’t mentioned here that will look adorable in your home. The list really is endless. The trick to shopping in this way is to have a list of the things you are looking for but don’t get downhearted if you don’t find them straight away. Part of the allure is the thrill of the chase. Visit your local charity shops regularly as they are getting new stock all the time. Visit charity shops in other towns too and maybe get to know the volunteers. You never know they may put things aside for you if they get to know what you are looking for.

Have you found any treasures in charity shops recently? I’d love to hear about it and you may just inspire someone else by telling us about your finds in the comments.

See you next time,

Sara ☕️

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