All Aboard The Cooking Frenzy

Here at Frugal Towers this week, I have been in a complete cooking frenzy. I like to batch cook meals in advance and freeze them so on busy days there is always going to be a home cooked meal available rather than us relying on convenience foods.

One kitchen item I’m really happy to have is my KenWood Chef. I bought it about six years ago now and it has been worth every penny. It is worth it’s weight in gold. I remember thinking should I buy this or shouldn’t I? It was quite a big purchase in terms of cost. I held off at first. Then as I became more proficient with my vegan cooking I found that each dish I made would be so much more easier to prepare and take my cooking to another level. So I took the plunge and bought it with the food processor attachment. I’ve never looked back. It has enabled me to replicate the food items you would buy in the supermarket so that I can have them homemade instead rather than pre made. I think it is the one gadget I use every time I cook a meal or prepare a dish. 

This is the most used item in our kitchen. It works hard and it plays hard

Darling hubby likes a home cooked meal too and him being Italian, the evening meal is one of the most important times of the day. It’s never rushed, we sit down at the table to eat together every evening and it’s an event for us. It makes us take the time out to sit down, eat a hearty meal, refuel our bodies and talk. Cooking is one of the ways in which I show my love and appreciation for all he does for me. He likes to provide and I like to nurture. 

One of our recent topics of conversation was about trialing online grocery shopping and having it delivered rather than going to the supermarket. Not because we are lazy but because I want to see if there will be less waste and more money saved. I don’t know about you but I am the world’s worst for getting distracted in supermarkets and straying away from the list. So I am thinking that a trial run for online grocery shopping would be a good idea to see if we can save a bit of money. I will give a try for a few weeks and let you know how I find it.

Which brings me back to my cooking frenzy. I’ve been trying to use up everything in the fridge to make room before I start some online grocery shopping, have a clean slate so to speak. Yesterday I made a vegan soft cheese from cashew nuts courtesy of my Bosh Recipe book and food processor. I also made a huge batch of bean burgers for the freezer. My only complaint with the cheese was that it was a little sweet for my taste due to the coconut oil. However when spread onto salty crackers with some cracked black pepper it was divine. You can find the recipe I used here.

My attempt at cashew nut vegan soft cheese. It also was perfect mixed with pasta for a sauce.
My attempt at cashew nut vegan soft cheese. It also was perfect mixed with pasta for a sauce.

I also love cucumbers but we never finish a whole one between the two of us. This week I made a side salad of little Gem lettuce, radish and cucumber. Which meant that there was over a half cucumber left looking all sad and forlorn in the bottom of the fridge. So I grabbed an onion, some pickling spice, malt vinegar and I made a jar of pickled cucumber and onion to keep in the fridge. It will go absolutely fabulous as a crunchy side with the homemade bean burgers I made earlier. My cucumber recipe can be found here. 

My attempt at spicy homemade bean burgers. These are ideal to freeze.

Then I found a red cabbage that I had bought last week with the intention of using it but not actually getting round to it. So I cut it into quarters, removed the hard core then shredded it and covered it with salt for 24 hours ready to be turned into pickled red cabbage. You can find my recipe for that here. 

So slowly but surely this week my food items are being used up rather than wasted and that is not only great for my purse and the environment but it is also great for this blog because if I don’t live the frugal life as well writing about it then, I would be being slightly hypocritical. I love the frugal life but non of us are perfect and sometimes I slip up and need to get back on track and be more resourceful too. 

So that has been my week this week. I hope you have had an enjoyable week what ever you have been doing. I’d love to hear in the comments below what you’ve been up too, how you’ve been frugal this week and what you’ve been eating.

See you next time

Sara ☕️

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