Covid 19 Lock Down Diary

It’s been a week or so since I last posted on my blog. I thought that being in lockdown would give me unlimited hours to work on the blog but it’s funny how things don’t work out like that. We’ve gone full on “Tom and Barbara” from The Good Life and it takes up the majority of the days.

Do you think it would still be in line with social distancing rules if we went and foraged those nettles over there?

I decided that I would make a list of some jobs that needed doing around the house and garden and set about doing them. I’ve also been working on a huge textile portrait that has been taking up some time too. I will be blogging about the process of this very soon.

Here’s a list of some of the frugal things I decided to do during this time.

  1. Painting the garden fencing and shed.
  2. Planting my vegetable seeds and learning about becoming more self sufficient.
  3. Building our own garden sofa sun bed from reclaimed pallets
  4. Completing my textile portrait quilt all from my scrap stash
  5. Reading more books
  6. Up cycling old towels into floor cloths and dusters
  7. More cooking and baking things that we haven’t tried before.
  8. Making our own soil fertiliser from foraged nettles
  9. Going out foraging for firewood for our chiminea
  10. Composting


One of the most important things I’ve reflected on during this time of lockdown and social distancing is that it really doesn’t matter how expensive your outfit is or your handbag or whether you are dressed smart or casual. What matters is how you truly feel inside.

I’ve completely reassessed my wardrobe and look over the last few weeks. I’ve realised that I am more comfortable in my jeans and t-shirts than I am in a floaty dress. I’ve discovered just how much time I’ve wasted into what shall I wear today. Since lockdown, I put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and my pumps, bit of mascara and lipgloss. If it’s chilly I’ll throw a cardigan, fleece or a jumper on. I neither want or need the agony of choice or decision fatigue of which dress should I wear today and why.

I’m happy social distancing in my comfy jeans and pumps. I’m much more productive with manual work when I’m comfy.

Life has become much more simplistic in that regard. I’m discovering that I’m quite good at the D.I.Y jobs I always assumed I couldn’t do. I fixed and cleaned up our roller blinds which meant we didn’t need to replace them. I’ve bled the radiators and fixed a kitchen cabinet door that wasn’t sitting straight. Each D.I.Y job I complete spurs me on and gives me the confidence to complete the next one. It’s really shown me that I can be even more frugal than I realised I could be.

This little beauty has worked it’s backside off during the last few weeks

Reassessing Life & What’s Important To Us

Today I sat down in the garden and decided that I can turn these jobs and tasks into blog posts that may be able to help other people as we all go through this lockdown and start to live our day to day lives in a totally different way.

I’m grateful I have the skills to create a cozy haven at home and how during this time I’ve been able to shine when it’s come to making do and mending things or to simply use what we already have on hand.

I’m really looking forward to becoming more self sufficient in the garden and documenting that journey here and sharing it with you. If I can inspire just one person to embrace a more simplistic lifestyle then I’ll be more than happy.

There is nothing more satisfying than nurturing and growing your own food from seed and watching them pop through the Earth.

Don’t forget, if you liked this blog or you know someone who you think will like it then please share. Also I’m really curious as to what you are all doing with yourselves during lockdown and I would love to hear about how you are keeping busy during this strange and unpredictable time. If you have any suggestions please let me know below in the comments.

Most of all, stay safe, look after yourselves and I wish you all good mental health.

Sara ☕️

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