Fridge Ready Picked Red Cabbage.

Who doesn’t love a crunchy pickled red cabbage especially on the side with potato pie. The homemade version tases so much better than it’s pre made shop bought relative.

I usually make a large jar of this to have with a soy mince & potato pie or potato hash. Sometimes I’ll make a homemade pie and sometimes I will treat myself to a meatless & potato pie from our local Greenhalgh’s bakery who have just brought out the most authentic tasting vegan meat and potato pie. The first time I had one, I had to go back into the shop to see if they had got it mixed up with their meat ones by accident but they hadn’t.

Phew, but anyway, plant based or meat eaters, this red cabbage goes well with a big piece of whatever savoury pie you fancy.

[recipe title=”Pickled Red Cabbage Recipe” image=”” description=”A fresh, light, crunchy fridge pickle perfect as a side to pies, stews and salads.”]

[recipe-notes][/recipe-notes][recipe-ingredients]- small to medium red cabbage
– 1 teaspoon of salt
– ½ of a small red onion
– 450 ml pre spiced pickling vinegar
– ½ teaspoon of sugar

Cut the cabbage into quarters and cut out the hardcore middle. Then finely shred it either with your knife or a food processor to save time.

Put the cabbage into a large bowl and sprinkle on the salt and mix to make sure all the cabbage is coated with salt. Cover and leave for 24 hours.

Gently heat the vinegar in a pan with the sugar. Don’t let it boil or you’ll spoil the flavour. When it’s heated through and the sugar is dissolved, leave it to cool down.

Rinse the cabbage well to get rid of the salt then pat dry with kitchen roll or a clean towel.

Put the cabbage into an approx 500ml sized kilnar jar. Add pieces of the red onion to jar as you add the cabbage so that the onion is evenly distributed amongst the cabbage.

Pour over the vinegar mixture, making sure the cabbage is fully covered, close the jar with the air tight lid and leave to stand for one week in the fridge before using.

Once its ready to use this pickle will keep in your fridge for around a month.

– I used a pre spiced pickling vinegar to save time and money.
– If you want to increase the amount, use a larger cabbage and increase the ingredients and jar size according.
– PLEASE NOTE and this is really important: These pickles are refrigerated pickles only and they MUST be stored in the fridge. They will keep for around a month. If you wanted to store these long term, sealed and at room temperature then you would need to follow a rigorous canning process which I do not know enough about to do it. I only make fridge pickles. Canning food is a whole other level of preserving. [/recipe-notes]

Don’t forget, if you liked the recipe or you know someone who you think will like it then please share. Also let me know how you got on with making it in the blog comments and if you have any questions or suggestions please let me know below.

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