How a River Reflects A Perfect World

Going With The Flow Of A River

I get a lot of writing inspiration while being outside. I’m sitting by a river as I write this. A river moves constantly. This is the natural order of things. If it stopped, it would eventually become stagnant.

It is the same with us. To function, our energy should be in a constant state of flow, like the river. This human energy flow allows us to function as healthy, holistic beings.

If our energy becomes stuck, we can end up in a state of “dis-ease”, and it can manifest in our physical reality as illness in the body or the mind.

As I sit here on the riverbank, I can hear it flowing harmoniously. All is right in the world of this river. It’s moving. It’s going places as all things should in The Universe. The Universe is in a constant state of flow; just as fortune favours the brave, The Universe favours motion.

River By The Bridge
My Friend The River
Feet in the river
Don’t Be Afraid To Get Your Feet Wet In Life.

Breaking Through

If we allow ourselves to become stuck with inertia and we don’t take action in our lives, it’s only natural that things start to go wrong. We can’t afford to stay stuck for too long in our world. To live like this would be a massive disservice to both the world and ourselves.

When the river flows faster, it can break through obstacles and really go places. It’s the same for us when we raise our vibrations. So too, can we break through our boundaries of limitations and start to soar.

Universal Law Of Vibration

The Universal Law Of Vibration States anything that exists in our universe, seen or unseen when broken down into its most basic form, is made up of pure energy or light.

Thoughts and feelings have their own vibrational frequency. The thoughts, feelings and actions we choose also have their own vibration levels. This Universal Law also states things of a higher vibration are invisible to us as they are on a slightly different frequency to those things vibrating on a lower frequency. This is why when we raise our vibration, opportunities and people that we couldn’t see in front of us start to appear in our lives. Situations and people who bring us down will also start to fall away from us.

We live in a magnetic universe. Our vibrations resonate with whatever has an identical frequency to ourselves. We attract what we become, so always be positive, loving and kind no matter what. When you choose good thoughts, more good thoughts will follow, and you will also be in vibrational harmony with others who have the same thoughts.

We live in a loving universe. Although it often doesn’t feel like it with world events and the current collective consciousness. The Universe is full of gifts. It gave us our Earth. It gives us nature, the seasons, The Sun, The Moon, The Stars, Love, all the things that sustain life on our Earth and its place in the Universe as a whole. All of those things are in various states of flow.

Pebbles on a river
The Beauty Of The River Is In It’s Flow
Rocks on the river
Pebbles on The River

Every Single Drop Makes a Whole.

It is the collective vibration of humanity that can make the world seem like a miserable place. The only way to make a change is to be the change you want to see. Action is much more productive than simply complaining about The World.

The River I’m sat beside at this very moment is made up of billions of individual drops of water. Every single one of those drops makes up the whole, and every single drop is as important as the next. They are collectively working together to make that river flow, just like the cells in your own body.

Take Inspiration From A River And Fly

A river’s consciousness moves and does not fight against the flow. It does this without question. It is clair cognitive. It just knows that is the way, and it works. If people went with their natural flow instead of fighting against it, if they followed their intuition without question, humanity would flow in its natural state of love.

Think how the world would be if humans woke up to their true nature and realised how powerful they are in raising their own vibration and collective consciousness.

Take inspiration from the river, go with the flow of life, allow your energy to flow and be. It has to start with us. To make monumental change for the better, it has to start with us.

Flowing River
View From My Place By The River
Pebbles in the water
Billions of individual Drops Make Up The Whole

I’m going to sit here a while longer and enjoy the sunshine, the sounds and the fresh air. Let me know what inspires you and makes you vibe high in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out more blog posts here.

See you Soon,

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  1. Very insightful post. It makes me realize that sometimes I need to slow down and enjoy nature more often!

  2. I agree, river is powerful and helps to clear your mind. Ocean is for me even more powerful. It reminds me to go to the nature soon and enjoy a little bit of meditation there.

  3. From the heavy clouds
    to the embrace of the ‘oseans.’
    The rivers return.

  4. I have sat on that tractor bridge many times dangling my legs over and listen to the haiku pass beneath me, Sara.

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