How to Create a Healthy Self Care Routine During The Covid-19 Lockdown. Part 1

Practicing a good self care routine is really important especially during this uncertain time when our regular routines have been turned upside down and we find ourselves feeling distant and disconnected from those we love.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is create a routine and stick to it. Just as we have a daily morning routine where we get up, shower and get ready for the day. It is also important to have a daily self care routine.

So I’ve collated 20 self care tips that will help put you on a frugal fast track to feeling more peaceful and balanced during this time and beyond.

None of them cost money. They simple but effective as is always the way.

1. Time For Practice.

Take time out each day to practice a small act of self care. Don’t start off too grandiose. Start small and soon the larger acts of self care will be a doddle too. Taking a little time out for yourself is a great way to slow down a little.

2. Think Greater Purpose.

Self care is also about improving our relationships with others and being more authentic with each other. Really listening to what someone is saying and taking it on board rather than just waiting for someone to finish so you can start talking.

3 Choose Who You Spend Time With.

Surrounding yourself with enthusiastic, positive people is a great self care practice. There’s an old saying “Misery loves company”

4. Have Enough Rest.

Sleep hygiene is so important and I’m not talking about clean sheets and a bath before bed although that is good too. What I mean is getting enough quality sleep, sticking to a sleep schedule and not spending time looking at screens before you sleep as this can have an adverse effect on the quality of your sleep.

5. Work With The Time You Have

Finding time for self care doesn’t mean letting go of your other responsibilities. You can however, find some time to focus on you by choosing how you use your time.

6. Have a Glass Of Cold Water With Lemon

What a great way to start the day. It wakes up the system and water keeps our system flushed. Have a glass of hot water and lemon if you prefer.

7. Tick Off A Lurker On Your To Do List

We all have them! Those jobs we just don’t want to do and we procrastinate it then feel guilty. It weighs heavy on our mind because it still needs doing. Pick one and get it done.

8. Start A Compliments File

Make a journal of nice things that people say about you. Then on a day you’re feeling down have a read of them.

9. Get To Know Yourself Intimatley

Have a look in the mirror at all your glorious perfect imperfections. They are part of you. remember nobody is perfect. It’s all subjective.

10. Go Cloud Watching

Clouds are like thoughts, they come and they go but right at the centre of them is always you. Take the time to lie down, slow your mind down and watch the clouds pass by in the sky.

So, there’s the first 10 ideas in a set of 20. I hope these give you something to think about and help you to get focused on some self care

Don’t try to take them all on at once, focus on one or two a day or even one or two a week. The world is more than a little crazy right now and and it could really do with people practicing more self care. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

What Are Your Favourite Self Care Things To Practice? Did I Include It In The List? Let Me know!

I hope these suggestions help you with your own self care practice. If you have friends who might benefit from these ideas, please feel free to share this post with them. Click the follow button so you don’t miss out on Part 2 coming soon which will have more tips for finding inner peace and happiness.

See you next time

Sara x ☕️

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