Making Housework More Manageable.

Have you ever felt like you spend all weekend cleaning only to find its a mess again in no time. So you end up feeling resentful you have wasted your precious time and effort? Or maybe you feel like you just don’t know where to start. So you keep putting things off until tomorrow knowing there is the mammoth task of cleaning the whole house.

Maybe you are tempted to make a list of everything that needs doing so you can tackle it all at once and get it out of the way. Done and dusted so to speak.

Well let me tell you a little secret that might shock you…

Going on a mammoth cleaning spree only encourages tiredness and resentment that will have you falling behind and back in the vicious cycle where nothing seems to be done.

Let me Explain!

When you clean your house all at once it is going to get dirty again all at once. Your house is either sparkling clean or grimy and it will fluctuate between the two situations with you caught in the middle trying to win the constant battle of keeping it looking like a new pin.

What usually happens when you’ve spent a whole day or weekend getting it up to standard is that for the next few days nothing else gets done because your mind says you’ve already tackled it and your body says it now deserves a rest and some time to yourself.

Before you know it a week has passed and the house has started to look a mess and you start to feel the familiar feelings of overwhelm and dread again. This is when you start to feel like its all a waste of time and fall behind further than you were the last time.

Little & Often.

To break this cycle you need to change the way you look at things. Washing up, making the bed, laundry, ironing are all jobs that are never really finished. Yes you can do them today but come tomorrow they will need doing again. So once you start to look at house work as something that is on a continuous loop, you can stop putting pressure on yourself to get it all done and finished.

The best way to tackle your housework is little, often and daily. Make a list of everything that needs doing in your home and list it under daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally etc.


My daily schedule looks something like this and it takes me less than 30 minutes each day.

  • Wash dishes
  • wipe kitchen surfaces
  • make the bed
  • wash and clean the pet dishes
  • sweep/vacuum the living room and kitchen.
  • throw washing in when enough for a full load

It may be different in your house, there may be a bit more to do, set yourself a power hour at a convenient time each day to do your daily tasks.


Next take your weekly jobs list and allocate one or two maximum to each day. So you will be doing your usual daily tasks plus one weekly chore each day. For example:

Monday – Daily task list + clean the bathroom

Tuesday – Daily task list + Mop all floors

Wednesday – Daily task list + ironing

Thursday- Daily task list + Mop all floors

Friday – Daily Task list + hoover upstairs and stairs


Take your monthly tasks and choose one day per week where you rotate them. So for example, first Saturday of the month pick one monthly task and do it.

Second Saturday of the month pick another monthly task and do that one etc.

Choose a day that doesn’t have a weekly chore allocated to it so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You are aiming for little and often, not spending all your spare time cleaning.

1st Saturday for the month – Daily task list + wipe down the oven

2nd Saturday of the month – Daily task list + clean out the fridge

3rd Saturday of the Month – Daily task + wipe Skirtings

4th Saturday of the month – Daily Tasks + dust ceiling lights

You get the idea here. The point is to stop trying to get everything done at once. If you break the work down into manageable daily, weekly and monthly tasks your house will always be at an acceptable level of cleanliness rather than all or nothing and you will have more time for other things.

One other point to mention here, if you miss a day or fall behind then don’t try and catch up, just continue on with the next day’s list. The beauty here is that the day you missed will always be picked up the following week or month. So you see there is absolutely no pressure doing the cleaning this way. Every day is a fresh start.

I hope this has given you something to think about and helps you to stop feeling guilty about trying to get everything done at once. This system has really helped me a lot and now I’m happy that my housework is manageable and I no longer dread it.

I’d love to hear about your cleaning schedule and how it makes you feel too.

See you next time

Sara ☕️

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