Mr Spock Mosaic Quilt.

Adding Finishing Touches To The Mosaic.
Adding My Finishing Touches To The Mosaic.

During the recent lockdown I wanted a project that would keep me busy on rainy days. I have so much scrap fabric from old sewing projects. So I decided to make something that would use up what I already had.

I am a massive Star Trek fan but having said that I only like the original series. I am crazy about Captain Kirk, he’s a hero of mine and I have a bit of crush on him. I also love Spock not least for his accidental dry sense of humour and his comical astonishment at the way humans behave. Well he does have a point most of the time.

So I decided on a mosaic quilt featuring Mr Spock. I sorted through my fabric scraps and put them into a darks and lights pile in order to create the image. This blog is more of a showcase of my finished article and not a tutorial or a how to.

So without further adieu, here is my finished project. All made from Scrap fabric and transformed into a piece that is going to take pride of place on the wall.

I hope you enjoy watching it come to life as much as I enjoyed making it.

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