My Allotment Journey.

I finally took on my dream to have an allotment to grow my own fruit and vegetables. For a long time I have wanted to become more self sustainable sufficient and be more Tom & Barbara Good from The Good Life. My ultimate dream is to own or rent our own small holding to live on and use the land to grow our food.

My new plot is plenty big enough to feed our household from year to year. I was over the moon to find there was a plot free when I enquired about it at our Local Community Garden Project. It needed a lot of work doing to it to get it prepared for growing but I saw past that and knew that with some hard it would be the perfect spot for me to lose myself in.

The picture below pretty much sums up the hard work that faced me. Thankfully My dad kindly offered to help me with the digging and prepping of the plot.

The Plot was overgrown to start with and needed weeding and digging over to prepare the ground for growing.

Every day at 9am we arrived to begin the task of turning the plot over. The Wheel barrow was filled and shifted so many times over the course of the week that I lost count.

We filled the wheelbarrow many many times with weeds

Eventually we saw a marked improvement and the before and after pictures below show the our hard work and determination paid off. We mixed in some manure and compost into the ground to put some of the nutrients back into the soil before planting.

Before and after

The plot is now slowly starting to fill up with lots of delicious vegetables. Some of the veggies I started from seed in my greenhouse at home and some were already established as plug plants ready to be planted into their final places.

From full of weeds to full of food.

I now have a section of the plot that I have reserved as the Christmas Dinner section. Here I have my sprouts, carrots, cabbage and Kale growing for Christmas.

Some Christmas Dinner Veg and scotch Bonnet and Tomatoes planted in-between.

I am so happy with the progress so far. Even as I write this, there is so much more that has been planted and I plan to take progress photos of how things are going and what is on the plate. There is something so satisfying about growing your food. From the digging work to the planting to the nurturing and watering. It’s what we humans were put on the Earth for to tend and caretake the Earth. Beautiful Gaia rewards us with the bounty of fresh organic fruit and vegetables as a thank you. When we look after our Earth, she looks after us.

One of the things I love about my plot is that its underneath a giant poly tunnel. This means I don’t have to worry about heavy rain, snow or frosts ruining my crops and it also means that it is ideal growing conditions so the season can be extended and I can experiment with growing Mediterranean vegetables that need warmth to grow.

Growing our own food is a learning curve for me. I know some of the basics but for the most part of this incredible journey I am learning through both experimenting and learning new things. I think I am driving everybody mad at the moment with my talk of crop rotation, Brassicas, Allium, Roots and everything else I’ve found to read about.

My passion for growing has been alighted and the flames are green.

Have a great weekend

Sara ☕️

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