Thriving With The Curly Girl Method

These last few months I have been revamping my look. After a lot of self-reflection and inner work, I decided that there is more to life than being a slave to my hair and hair appointments. How many hours have I lost at the hairdressers over the years getting my roots bleached and then panicking when I wasn’t able to get an appointment when they were closed. How many hours have I lost to blow drying my hair and straightening it, I can only imagine. Enter The Curly Girl Method.

My hair was dry, damaged and crying out for me to stop torturing it. But what were the alternatives for me? My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy if I don’t straighten it or use heat styling. I spent weeks looking on the internet for an alternative that would allow me to be more natural without going full-on cavewoman. I still want to look nice and feel good about myself but more in my own natural way rather than what society dictates I should be doing.

Then I came across something called The Curly Girl Method and it looked very interesting to me as it was all about retraining the hair to form its natural curl/wave pattern and letting it do what it wants to do rather than fighting against it. No parabens, no silicones, no brushing, no harsh heat styling and no washing and drying every day.

After a lot of trawling the internet, I found all the information I needed at The Curly Girl Method Club who are a UK company where the owner Heather is the queen of all things curly and she definitely helped me get through my transition period. She has lots of videos and products to help along the way. I couldn’t have done it without her guidance and inspiration. She has a mane of curls to die for that I am working hard towards myself! I also bought the Curly Girl handbook by Lorriane Massy, the founder of the actual Curly Girl Method.

The Curly Girl Method & Me

There is an initial transition stage where the hair gets used to not being mistreated with heat and parabens. It goes into rehab you could say and there are a few weeks where I wondered what am I doing, all I need to do is straighten and all this frizz and fuzz will go away. But I stuck with it and I persevered and now I am experiencing some of the most beautiful natural waves I’ve ever had. My only regret was not why did I start this but rather why didn’t I do this sooner.

I’m now four months into the process and I love my hair again. Not only is it recovering beautifully but it’s also growing at a rate I’ve never experienced before. This meant I could see my natural hair properly for the first time from the roots down and I saw that underneath all that bleach I had been hiding a natural colour of silvers and grey hues that complimented my complexion and brought my face back to life. I made the decision then to begin the process of growing out my natural hair and letting my greys and silvers shine through.

From a frugality point of view, I have saved a lot of money by not going to the hairdressers every 6 weeks. I have however spent more than I normally would on paraben-free hair products. There is an initial investment in the beginning because you want to try out all the new Curly Girl method approved hair products out there and some new hair tools such as a decent diffuser or hood hairdryer. Although these are not necessary for the beginning. In the warmer weather, you can air-dry very nicely with the right products.

Most frugal of all, though is the freedom and time I have regained from no longer being a slave to my hair and my hair upkeep. I receive compliments on my natural hairstyle; I no longer worry if it’s raining, if it is raining…so what, it’s a bit of water and my hair loves it.

My hair routine is so simple now.

I wash on a Tuesday and Saturday using a co-wash or a low poo. I add in my leave-in conditioner and stylers and plop my hair on top of my head in a microfibre turban for a few minutes. Then shake it down, place the waves where I want them, root clip where I want some volume and then leave it to dry or sit under my hood dryer to start the process of drying. Once dry I scrunch out the crunch from the gel to reveal the soft waves and voila!

On subsequent days I either spray my hair with some water and gel mixed in a spray bottle or I do a dry refresh with some serum or oil on my roots and scalp. Takes five minutes in the morning and it’s done.

The key to a good hair day with this method is to put your hair into a loose pineapple high ponytail on top of your head ready to sleep in and use a satin pillowcase to help prevent friction and frizz as I sleep. It’s called a pineapple because that is what you look like when it’s in your hair.

The curly girl method is not a one size fits all method and there is a lot of trial and error. What works for me here may not work for you. But that is half the fun and once you learn what your hair truly likes it will reward you in ways you never thought possible. A great starting point to the method is The Curly Girl Method Club website and their facebook page.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to try a more natural path or if you want to give your hair a break from harsh styling and chemicals.

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