Traditional Living in a Modern World.

Sometimes when I meet new people, they ask that inevitable question…What do you do?

Almost as if what you do defines you as a person or something. Often I’m tempted to say “Well, I’m a human being and I do my best, how about you, what do you do”. But I don’t, I resist the urge and I politely say I’m a housewife and await the look of pity or distain.

It’s usually followed by “that look” and then I’m asked oh really well what do you do all day?

Well As a stay at home wife I get to do all the things that many people don’t have the time to do. I am able to run our house both efficiently and frugally. It means I am able to go that extra mile with the upkeep of things and nothing has to be rushed. I can take my time to get the best deal on things before buying. I also have the time to grow and nurture our own fruit and vegetables as well.

My husband has a home cooked meal from scratch most nights. Prepared with love, nutrition and a lot of thought. The house is always clean…well as clean as I can keep it with two staffies and everything is in it’s place.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a show house, it’s a very modest house, a little shabby in places, the sofa has seen better days but it’s comfy. The furniture…well it’s more eclectic than matching and mostly vintage or vintage inspired.

Many of our kitchen pots and pans are from the 60’s and 70’s, our crockery is the old vintage Johnson Brothers China and thinking about it I don’t think we have a full set of plates that match. It doesn’t affect the taste of what is served on them though. Our home is warm, hygge and built on love and everyone who comes here comments on how homely it is.

Being a stay at home wife isn’t for everyone I know that. But it works for our life. My husband is happy to provide and I am happy to nurture. I am happiest busying about at home and my hubby prefers a wife who is not stressed out with commuting to an office miles away and never having time for the house, which is how things used to be up to a few years ago.

I also get to focus on myself too, what I wear, how I present myself to the world. It’s not a life of sweat pants and old T-shirts. I like to focus on my femininity, make sure my hair and make up is done and that I am turned out nicely for the day. You never know what opportunities the day will bring.

I also focus on my manners and etiquette. I think about how my grandmother and how my husband’s grandmother would carry themselves and the manners that were prevalent back in 1950’s and that is how I conduct myself. This has brought me so much peace. It’s difficult to be feminine on the outside if you’re not working on the inner parts of you as well. I’m quite traditional, I like the man to be the man and the woman to be the woman.

I guess you could sum it up as I don’t do the rat race and he doesn’t do laundry. It’s not for everyone but if works for us. I love living a more traditional lifestyle and I often think that I was born in the wrong era. Or maybe I was born in the right era and my purpose is to bring some slow, traditional living back into the busy society we are a part of.

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