Writer’s Block

I’ve got writer’s block! I’m partway through writing a book, and I’m suffering from a severe streak of writer’s block!!

Superlative Timing.

I’ve panicked, I’ve pulled my hair, paced the room, been out for a walk and nothing!!

So What Now?

As a writer, one thing I’ve learned is that scribers gotta scribe! But I’ve got writer’s block, so what can I write about?

Oh, Wait A Minute…I’ll Write About Writer’s Block.

It’s horrible; it makes you want to climb into bed and think you are crap! It makes you worry that you’ll never be able to think of anything to write about again. It makes you feel like a fraud both in your writing and in the subject you are writing about. You can’t bear to open your laptop and pick up where you left off.

So like any oppressor or tyrant, you have to stand up to it, shine a big bright spotlight on it and shrink it down to nothing more than a minor inconvenience instead of the all-encompassing, vexatious block it likes to think of itself as being. 

Writer’s Block Tells Me I Have Nothing To Say

But it’s wrong, I’ll write about “it” and I’ll keep writing until I’m back in the flow again. 

It’s a minor set back, an opportunity to relax from my book project and to instead prattle on about this affliction whose very curse is ironically cured by writing. However, I will not view this as a catch 22 or a vicious circle. I’ll view it as a chance to get creative about something that has burdened creatives for millennia.

Indeed by the very nature of having writer’s block, I’m not a fraud; I’m a real writer. How could I conceive to be a writer if I didn’t have writer’s block? All the greats have had it at one time or another. So I am in good company. A writer who doesn’t have writer’s block now and again is inconceivable!

Imagine If Writers Never Suffered From This.

We’d probably coast along, writing, but it would be substandard writing if it always came so easily. We wouldn’t appreciate the creative flow; we’d take it for granted that we had something interesting to say. Nobody likes it when a person doesn’t know when to stop and take a breath, and that’s what writer’s block is. The opportunity to stop and take a breath, focus on something else for a while, relax and remind us we have to learn to ride the peaks and troughs of life as a writer.

Peaks and troughs. Ugh, cliches and platitudes. I don’t like them, but I felt that a cliche justified it on this occasion, so I’ll leave that in. That’s the beauty of writer’s block. I can break the rules for a while and write without editing or messing about with SEO procedures.

I can be my raw self and spew my feelings onto the page or the screen without having to clean it up afterwards. I don’t even have to care about word count. Even though the SEO tool I have installed is screaming at me, this writing piece isn’t long enough for the search engines to pick up and enjoy. Well, I don’t care about that on this occasion.

Maybe Writer’s Block Isn’t So Bad.

Don’t be afraid of it. Use it to become better at your craft by acknowledging it, writing about it, learning about yourself from it, and most of all, recognise that ALL writers suffer from it. It’s nothing more than an occupational hazard of what is otherwise a most delightful vocation to be in.

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Writer's block

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